Flight for birders course CTN

DATES: 15 and 16 October 2017 VENUE: Auditorium, NG Church, Stellenbosch West, 3 Alexander Street, Stellenbosch. COSTS: R 550-00 that include the course notes & certificate endorsed by BirdLife South Africa. Kindly note that gift vouchers for attendance of the course are now also available: an ideal gift for friends and family members interested in nature in general and birds in particular.

Introducing the cultures of the Cape

Introducing the cultures of the Cape – taking form our heritage to use in our culture. This time the focus is on the Khoinkhoin.


SEX, ART & DEATH: THE FORENSIC SCIENCE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION Any science can be forensic when used in the criminal justice system, but now the CSI skills used to investigate crime scenes and homicides are being used to study human evolution.

AGM / Launch 2017

Johan van Biljon and Michael Tellinger

As one of the inaugural members I would like to to thank all the people that showed interest and the people attending the first AGM and the launch yesterday on 22 June 2017 .This will be a date to remember ,though small all organisations have to start some where.
I would also like to thank Michael Tellinger for making our launch an interesting event with the presentation on the stone circles