Tour "The View"

Designed and built by Charles Aburrow in 1897 for Sir Thomas Major Cullinan (well known for founding the Premier Mines outside of Pretoria, where the largest diamond in the world was found in 1905). Cullinan town east of Pretoria was named after him

Mandela bus tour

There are still places left on David Forrest’s wonderful Mandela bus tour on Saturday, 14th July at 9.00 am starting and ending at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Parktown. Secure parking has been reserved at the Sunnyside.

Foreign Language Survey

The Department of Tourism is currently conducting a survey to understand the proficiency and foreign language training needs of tourist guides. The findings from the survey will assist the Department to determine future foreign language training programmes for the tourist guiding sector.

Ancient Temples Field trip

Thousands of rock paintings and large and small enigmatic stone structures litter the veld of South Africa from the Cape of Good Hope to the Limpopo. Who and why painted and built them?

Storytelling for Tourist Guides CTN

 It is designed to be practical and hands-on and you will leave the workshop armed with powerful tools and techniques which you can apply to your guiding immediately.  The key objectives are as follows: