IPTGSA Minutes of AGM 2017

First IPTGSA Annual General Meeting

10:00-12:00, 22 June 2017

Maboneng ,Open office




Attendance:    As per signed attendance register

Board Members: Fanie Terblanche , Willie du Toit , Johan van Biljon , 2 apologies

EXCO  Members : Joleen du Plessis, Faan Gerber, JJ Pieterse, Piet Nel, Baile Sedumedi, Sam Wenger, 2 apologies

Total attendance:  56 people


Minutes : As this is the first official AGM after the inaugural meeting there are no minutes to approve.



 09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome – Sam Wenger

10:10 Chairman's Report. – Johan van Biljon

10:30 Portfolio reports

Treasurer’s report 

10:45 Matters at hand

CPD credits




11:00 New matters

11:30 Q&A

12:00 Closing


Welcome : The welcome and introduction was done by Sam Wenger, vice chairman, giving some of the difficulties and great achievements that have happened along the way in the last three years since the inaugural meeting in Benoni.


Chairman’s Report : Johan van Biljon, the IPTGSA chairman since the inaugural conference, sketched a picture of what has happened in the last three years since the inaugural meeting. The committee of volunteers that have been doing the work thus far was thanked for their time and effort.


·         The AGM is the largest decision making body so that all members can have an input on decisions that will shape the organisation.

·         Initially it was decided to get all the requirements as per SAQA up and running with the inaugural members and then apply for SAQA professional body registration before going out canvassing for permanent members. After jumping through all the hoops and conforming to the SAQA rules for professional bodies, an onsite inspection , confirmation meetings were held.

·         The IPTGSA application was closed due to two major items.

o   IPTGSA was not a fully functional organisation with ongoing paying members.

o   NDT would not support the IPTGSA as the NDT was the registration body as per Tourism ACT3 2014   and were “looking” into professionalisation.

·         The Institute may again submit an application after a year, which IPTGSA is preparing to do.

·         Letters requesting clarification from NDT were sent directly to the Minister and registrar, but no response was ever received.

·         Professional bodies are regulated and registered by SAQA, so, neither training facility nor the NDT can become a professional body, so the working committee took the decision to get the ball rolling and get the fully registered IPTGSA NPC on track to become a fully functional organisation, meeting all the criteria for professional body registration.

·         This first AGM is the official launch of the IPTGSA and all committee members are eagerly out marketing for membership.

·         The first panel interviews were held on April, 20 2017 where the committee went through the panel interview procedure trial running the process and ironing out procedure and policy.

·         The first general applicants were interviewed on May, 11 2017 and the first fully registered members were welcomed. New members are Henry Zeiler, Lucille Cremen, Ian Stevens, and Malcolm van Coller.

·         It was reported that there are 18 membership applications waiting for the panel interviews.


Portfolio reports :

As this is the start of the official operations, portfolio reports will happen at future AGM’s

·         Treasurer’s Report:  As the Institute has been running on a minimal budget present day finances have been handled by the chairman with board oversight.

·         Fully audited reports for 2015, 2016 and 2017 are available for perusal on request   

·         Auditors report , Balance sheet and budget for the 2017/2018 year were displayed and discussed . Addendums to these minutes.

·         The only ongoing cost is the membership fee to OPEN Collaborative offices where all meetings and functions are held (R2280 per month , includes boardroom space,  Wi-Fi, printing and function hall space )  Workshop 17 in Cape town is a member of OPEN and all meetings in Cape Town will be held at Workshop 17.


Matters at hand :

·         CPD credits were discussed and are now fully functional, a complete policy on how CPD credits work, can be found on the website.

·         It was requested that Members who have access to other organisations which possibly have lectures or courses that can be accredited by IPTGSA, please forward such to the committee.

·         The “Tourist Guide Indaba” was announced and the concept and possible dates were discussed.

o   The concept is that attached to either WTM in Cape Town or Indaba in Durban, the Institute will organise a function where overseas agents and tour operators will be able to meet professional tourist guides of all categories and languages (“Meet Your Guide). The concept was seen as a great way of marketing the individual tourist guide and directly meeting the people whom they work for. It was decided that the first Tourist Guide Indaba will be held in Cape Town during the WTM 2018. The committee will start organising so that the opportunity may be marketed to interested parties that are already attending the WTM. In this way, new members who would like to take this opportunity will also be enabled to meet the agents and operators. Details will be published on the website in due course.

·         Badge

o   The “badge” or identification was discussed and it was resolved that the committee should look into the following

§  A pin of high quality identifying an Institute member, as the NDT -regulated badge already has the guide’s name on it was not necessary for individual names to be on the badge. The magnetic type is preferred as pins make holes in garments.

§  Secondly, a lanyard and pouch with ID card in was also proposed as pins tend to get lost. A credit card-type of ID card is definitely in the process for proof of identification.

§  Colour-coded lanyard was also accepted as by changing the colour every year, that registration year may be identified. This could be difficult as membership runs for a year from the individual’s registration date and not according to calendar years.

·         Membership

o   Membership is seen as the greatest requirement to keep an organisation going and the budget has been based on a target of a 100 members in the first financial year. It was requested that all interested parties get their applications in and promote the Institute to their fellow tourist guides.

·         Roadshow

o   The Roadshow is being kicked off in Cape Town on July, 5 2017 at the Ramasibi guesthouse. The roadshow is being planned to visit all centres where guides are registered, promoting and signing up of new members. Interested parties that would like to have the roadshow attend to their area were requested to get in touch with the EXCO.


The committee decided not to have a myriad of items to attend to as then many things go untouched. With only a few items/issues it can be properly researched and planned.

As this was the consensus, no new items were placed on the minutes


The AGM was closed by the Chairman at 12:00 with an invitation to a finger lunch and networking opportunity before the IPTGSA launch with Michael Tellinger at 13:00