Minutes of Panel meeting 20 April 2017

IPTGSA Meeting 23 April 2017


Maboneng Open office




  • Welcome and Apologies
    • Attending: J van Biljon, Sam Wenger, Fanie Terblanche, Willie du Toit, Piet Nel, Patrick Hanratty
    • Apologies: Joleen du Plessis, JJ Pieterse, Hansje Botes, Faan Gerber, Jean Teumbo.


  • Minutes of previous meeting
    • Minutes of previous meeting were handed out but not discussed as this meeting was about the first Panel interviews


  • Matters arising – EXCO:

-Finances (Faan Gerber/J van Biljon)

-Secretariat & Membership (Mrs Hansje Botes)

-CPD (Joleen du Toit)

-Marketing (Patrick Hanratty)

-Development (J J Pieterse)

-Assessment ( )

-Membership (Baile Sedumedi)

-Ethics & Disciplinary (Piet Nel)

None of the individual matters discussed



  • Matters to attend to:
    • A full discussion on the policy of the panel interview was held to make sure that all participants knew the process the panel interview would take.
    • Panel interview form was discussed in detail and it was emphasized that the completion of the form is a personal opinion of the panel member on the interview and will not be open for scrutiny but only for personal file and membership approval.
    • It was agreed that the membership approval must be done by more than one person to keep impartiality and personality out of process. 
    • Basic process agreed on ( as designed)
      • TG registers on line
      • Documents are scrutinised and vetted and applicant is put up for panel interview.
      • Interviews scheduled in venues convenient to all.
      • Panel convened.
      • Interview forms returned to IPTGSA ( hard copies)
      • Membership to give approval ( full or aspirant)
      • Member notified of status and Invoice forwarded for payment
      • Registration date to correspond to date payment is received

The process was completed on every member there testing the questions and scrutinising the process.

Conclusion was very positive.


  • New Items
    • In short it was discussed that we would keep the Maboneng Open office as our base of operations as and when required basis


  • Matters to attend to:
    • Patrick to look into marketing possibilities
  • Date of next meeting
    • Following Scheduled Panel interviews 11 may 2017 ,1 June 2017
    • AGM and Launch  22 June
    • Possible AGM organising meeting TBC


  • Vote of Thanks
  • General (outside of protocol) & closing
  • Lunch