Information WFTGA October Newsletter


Dear Members, colleagues and friends:
With great joy I announce that the Iran registration develops very successfully: until now, WFTGA has 160 outside participations from 23 countries with additional accompanying persons, plus registrations in Iran by the National Members. The last hours for Early Bird will end with October 31st midnight (ET).
Iran fulfilled its promise to supply free visa for the first to register and to make the process easier for all. They have also supplied us with a double contingent of hotel rooms for the Pre-Tour and thus all can still sign up. The Post-Tour might be enlarged with another night outside Iran, if you do not get the flight the same evening – please check under Some of our members have questions and go via facebook: as not all take part in this social media, it might be better to write a personal email to get a prompt answer; the best support is to use [email protected] , as it includes the Austrian DMC for registration and thus reaches various members in charge.

Visa facilitation for Iran is so complex, that I suggest to address directly our Host
[email protected] The workshops have been decided and the final programme will be published in the next days by our Host, the Iran Federation of Tourist Guides Associations - IFTGA. Considering the high season for all who prepared and the difficulties in connecting between tours, I am happy to announce that we have accomplished this within the time frame for the early bird participants; only two more days remain to profit from the reduced price. Major assistance was given by Vice President Ruby Roy and Ivana Čuruvija – both knowing the conditions from their inspection last fall; the Vienna DMC accomplished most registrations with verve and success: many thanks to All! One of our US Area Representatives, Maricar Donato, has initiated various meetings for interested people to travel to this old culture, the Persian Territory.I look forward to meet many of you there!

As any airline wanted to be exclusive with a contract to reach Tehran next January, none could get the final signature; this would exclude some territories around the globe which was not acceptable for part of EXBO. We are sure, most of you found already the best flight for best conditions through internet and there are many more possibilities. Besides the most important issue, our 17th Convention in Iran, we were also busy in renewing addresses, sending out invoices and to adapt our website according
paid up members: some are new, some others have new Executives, some return: it is a constant coming and going – not so easy to follow up, sometimes.

Thus you find on our website:
52 Full Member Countries, with 76 Associations
30 Individual Members from 22 countries
16 Affiliate Members in 16 countries
World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations reg.: Vienna, Austria
[email protected]

In Operational Relations with UNESCO Affiliate Member of UNWTO
Especially our Treasurer worked hard to renew our important Members’ List:
these are the main contacts to send out the news, all the essential documents in advance of the  convention. WFTGA Secretary has already sent out the first official information, many more will follow. I too, ask you to take part in the active development of the World Federation by sending additional topics or your individual suggestions for the Iran Agenda until November 7th 2016, mail to
[email protected] or to any of my mails.

Please do remember the possibility to up-date your own link with Guideapedia, include interesting news from your association and area, it might bring you customers....

WFTGA Training Committee has voted to organise the Cyprus Courses coming November, actually both (TtT and IT) are well signed up with 18 participants from 10 countries. Those who are familiar with preparing congresses and/or programmes for over a week will appreciate the work done by our local Course Director, Maria Aristidou, and her aide, Georgia Constanti. Cyprus is also one of the most intensively subsidised courses we offer, supported by The A.G.Leventis and the Cyprus Tourist Board. Only with this sponsorship the price is acceptable for self-employed tourist guides, including facilitation and hotel with subsistence over the full 14 days. Many thanks to the whole team working under Head of
Training on this!      

Other courses realised in the last months include Oman and Kazakhstan, Iran again and now Cyprus. All Accredited WFTGA Trainers have been personally addressed and those who stayed in contact with the Training Committee, are now published on WFTGA website; it should also promote the status of our
trainers for outsiders and other interested people.

Travels to promote our profession sent WFTGA Secretary to IMEX USA, President to Shanghai and Norway, Head of Training to present in Poland; Treasurer is invited to join the FEG Meeting in Brno. Most of these travels are hosted buyer and therefore with very little cost for our NGO.

With this newsletter I want to inform you before the next Iran Newsletter arrives in your box. As these newsletters carry many graphics and are sumptuous in their engaging design, you can visit our website regularly where you can read them as well.

Wishing you lovely days during the change of season, hoping that you will enjoy either spring or autumn days to make you fit for any further adventure!

With best wishes,
Felicitas Wressnig
WFTGA President
October 29th, 2016