Africa travel Indaba 2022 feedback

IPTGSA indaba stand

IPTGSA Feedback Report at Durban Tourism INDABA, 3-5 MAY, 2022



  • Merely a couple of days back, we all were ticking off the April public holidays on our calendars and looked forward to the next one to come at the beginning of May.

  • A few days before 1 May, the Institute chair and vice-chair felt that there should be some Institute representation at Indaba. The exploration of some previous regular exhibitors and their presence at Indaba turned out negative.

  • Our eyes then courted with the two of us registering as buyers, motoring down one day very early, visiting Indaba, staying over one night then spending another half day at Indaba before driving back to Gauteng. This modus operandi fitted both our present busy office time schedules. However, it was not to be, read on….

  • On Tuesday before Indaba, the Institute was offered a stand by S.A. Tourism at no charge… do you want to take up the offer??? Yes, yes, yes, bused in our heads. Things then had to move very fast, since there was very little time to organise and prepare to go, especially because finalisation came through late, just as the week ended.

  • Our initial plan had to be extended by one more overnight and bingo, IPTGSA was in at 2022 Durban Tourism Indaba for the full 3 days.

  • Johan and Sam left Johannesburg on Tuesday morning very early and made it to the opening of the show in the nick of time. Our IPTGSA-Stand was a booth of about 3x3m, with the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) on the one side and an empty booth on the other. There were some other similar booths in our vicinity, of which the Voortrekker Monument one was the most noteworthy and familiar one.

  • During the 3 days at the Indaba, we were visited by a good number of visitors with whom we had interesting interactions and exchanges. We managed to have our stand attended at all times whilst we also took turns to roam the space to explore, and in some cases direct prospective and promising contacts to our stand.

  • Once the show closed on Thursday late afternoon, we managed to remove (by permission) the 2 vinyl printed panels of our booth for future use with e.g., roadshows and projects rollouts.

  • After breakfast on the last day, we took a slow fact-finding drive along the beachfront and through the Waterfront to the widened harbour access channel. It mostly looks clean and neat. What we could hardly find on the Waterfront was any humans, except at the construction site of the new cruise ship terminal, where lots of construction workers were busy doing finishing touches on the building and surrounds.

  • The little bit of Durban’s city centre we drove through was surprisingly neat and clean, whilst the same can be said of the beach. Heaps of recent flood debris were ready to be loaded onto trucks to be carted away. There were mostly surfers in the waves and a few bathers on the beach.

  • Our 2 overnight stays were kindly sponsored with timeshare points by our Cape Town committee member JJ Pieters. Many thanks to JJ from the Institute membership.

  • Our drive back home was straight forward and we arrived just before midnight on Thursday.

  • You may wonder what our perception of having attended Indaba 2022 is? We trust and hope that the spin-off results will materialise as the year goes on and will be much better than “not having been regrets”. We endeavour to work out a strategy to have a plan of action in place for Indaba 2023. Speak to us in due course, if you are interested to go to indaba 2023 with us.

  • With time passing us so quickly, the committee needs to pitch in some help to rapidly process the entries garnered in the visitor’s book. There are interesting projects and activities and general follow up courtesy mails to tackle.