Voortrekker Monument Pricing for 2022

Voortrekker monument


Thank you for your interest in the Voortrekker Monument. During the past eight months, we invested in the development of our terrain to ensure the ultimate cultural experience in one stop. Our offering has expanded from only the Monument to a unique cultural experience.

Here you can visit the majestic Monument, experience the pioneer way of living in a living laager – walk around the ox-wagons and see how they churn butter. A new restaurant opened on our premise – Skool op Wiele – that serves light meals at a reasonable price, also contributing to our expanded offering.

 We value our relationship with each guide, operator and agency and we are looking forward to hosting you and your guests again at the Monument. To honour the long and valuable relationship between the Monument and you, we will continue to charge the price that was established in 2020 until 28 February 2022.

 Because of the donations, we receive from individuals in the SADC countries and as an incentive to stimulate the regional traffic to the Monument, the price to visit us decreased from R95-00 to R80-00 from 1 September 2021 for all citizens of SADC countries.
 Due to the inflationary increase, we would like to inform you that a slight increase in the international visitors will be implemented from 1 March 2022. We are aware of international groups that tend to spend a shorter time on our premise as to individuals and make provision for this. For international groups as part of an organised group, with a registered tourist guide or accredited travel agency, we offer the special tariff of R110-00 per person. Tourist guides/operators are free of charge.

Individual travellers normally spend a longer time at the Monument and thus the price for individuals is R180-00. This includes a conservation fee. To enhance our offering to you, we currently run a special for international guests for 2022. A visit to the Monument, Heritage Foundation, Pioneer Centre, and Living Laager for the low price of R180-00 per person. The value of this is R250-00.

 Looking forward to hosting you at the Voortrekker Monument.