IPTGSA AGM 2021 minutes


The Institute Of Professional Tourist Guides Of Southern AfricaIPTGSA

Annual General Meeting 2021

29 September 2021, 10:00


  • 10:00 - 10:15 Online registration on Zoom platform.
  • 10:15 - 10:20 Welcome 
  • 10:20 - 10:30 Chairman's report
  • 10:30 - 10:40 Treasurer's report
  • 10:40 - 10:45 Constitution voting feedback
  • 10:45 - 10:55 General feedback from members.
  • 11:00 Closing.


  1. Welcome by Sam Wenger
  2. Attendance
    • 16 members online plus 3 present at venue Total 19.
    • The quorum required min 9 members, Total membership 85
    • Vote to change Constitution is two-thirds of members present
  3. Previous minutes are online and accepted.
  4. Chairman's report
    • With everyone eagerly looking forward to the start of tourism it has been hard to survive in this industry through the last 18 months or so. Many of us have started doing other "stuff" to generate an income and keep busy, even standing for the local election.
    • The outlook for the near future is not great with some countries still having a ban on travel to South Africa. Tourist guides in the freelancing industry and most of the Institute's members are hardest hit by this pandemic.  The opening of travel for locals have,I think, have given a bit of a false start to tourism as many facilities are geared for international travel, now have to be open with full costs, and then travel is cut down to long weekends and holidays. Spending money in this sector is limited as joe soap has been monetary stretched very far.
    • The Institute is in the same boat and making ends meet is not easy. As all committee members are volunteers and still have to guide to earn ones keep, the decision was made that our standard fees will be suspended until the industry is once again on track. The request as per the last AGM for those members that can contribute a plan was placed on the table which helped the Institute to survive. The treasurer will place such a budget on the table once again.
    • In the last year and through all the pandemic lockdown it was difficult to maintain a continuous structure and contact with the members. Once the movement was opened the Institute started doing what one of the main aims is, education. Education is the root of Professionallity. The institute proceeded to do educationals and this was seen as another way of reinvesting in our members.
    • The following educationals were organised and very well attended 
      1. Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve - Wildlife Diseases          - 
      2. Paul Kruger's Boekenhoutfontein                                   - 
      3. Voortrekker monument Adventure Zone introduction     - 
      4. Introduction to The Leonardo                                         - 
      5. Origins centre                                                                 - 
      6. International Tourist Guides Day                                    - 
      7. Vredefort Dome Educational                                          - 
      8. University of Pretoria museum Educational                   - 
      9. Covid-19 Tourist Guide protocols                                   - 
      10. Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve educational and year-end function.  - 
      11. Krugersdorp Historical educational                                - 
      12. Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden educational                  - 
      13. Freedom park Educational                                             - 
      14. Irene Concentration camp educational                          - 
      15. Funda Centre educational                                             - 
      16. Eswatini Tourist guide course                                        - 
      17. First Aid Refresher course                                           4/4  - 
      18. First Aid Refresher course                                           14/3  - 
      19. First aid Refresher courses                                          15/2  - 
      20. Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve educational.                - 
    • It is noticed that the younger of the registered tourist guides have opted for another career as the career path in Tourist guiding as this is not generating and sufficient income, on the other hand, guides have been "retired" and have an income set up by previous careers are the ones that are still holding out.
    • In conclusion, the Institute will carry on supporting its members and promote professionality in Tourist guiding 
  5. Treasurers Report .
    • Mr Ian Stevens reported the Covid pandemic has hit hard in the tourist guiding sector and as per last AGM the committee decided to stick with the moratorium of suspended fees as very few members could afford membership fees. This item will be looked into in the future.
    • All Audited financial statements up to the present have been completed by the Auditors Veritas Rekenmeesters- Accountants CC. Available to members (link)
    • Based on the minimum cost to keep afloat the same budget as per the previous year has been accepted and it was requested that members try and contribute R300 per annum if they could afford it and that  it is not compulsory.
    • Finances are as it stands IPTGSA


  6. Constitution Voting
    • A few minor changes had to be made to the constitution as the original constitution was adopted in 2014 . Amendments were highlighted and publicised for all members to take note of and suggest changes. The changes to the constitution were requested by the committee as there were legal implications in certain wording. The POPI act also had to be taken into consideration. 
    • An online voting campaign was used to get members from all reaches to vote. Constitutional changes were accepted
    • .IPTGSA
  7. Committee clarified that there is no voting for committee members as members are voted in for a 2 year term. The prsent commitee and contacts can be found here
IPTGSA committee

A round of general discussion from members once again highlighted what the pandemic has caused the industry 

Meeting ended at11:00



It was an excellent attendance by our Members

Participation and involvement is key to the success of the organisation