National Tourism Stakeholder Forum Meeting Feed back


25 May 2021, Meeting feedback from your Vice Chair, Sam Wenger. 


Greetings IPTGSA Board, Committee and Members, 


On Tuesday, 25 May 2021, I attended (virtually) the Joint National Tourism Stakeholder Forum (NTSF) and National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS) Implementation Work Stream Meeting – what a mouth full – and can report back that nothing of importance for us tourist guides is emerging. 


A lot of the meeting content was mainly focused on the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan that was approved by cabinet on 21 April 2021 and launched by the Minister of Tourism one day later (22 April 2021). The essence was to bring this plan to the stakeholders and get all informed on what is to be done from here on out by various government and industry entities. 


There is nothing really that changes for us except that we need to keep ourselves informed and up to date within the parameters of the matters relating to the covid pandemic. 


The activities of the Institute of the past year or so are spot on in that we have implemented covid protocol training and done educational and practical activities. There is room for more of these and the roll out will be expanded to other areas in times to come. 


In summary, here follows a listing of the main topics that were discussed in conjunction with the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan: 


Strategic intervention actions (SI&A): 


SI&A - 1: Phase 1: Protect and rejuvenate supply: Implement norms and standard for safe operations across the value chain to enable safe travel and rebuild consumer confidence. 


SI&A – 2: Phase 2: Re-ignite demand: Stimulate domestic demand through targeted initiatives and campaigns. 


SI&A – 3: Phase 3: Strengthening enabling capacity: Strengthen the supply side through resource mobilisation and investment facilitation. 


SI&A – 4: Support for the protection of core tourism infrastructure and assets, covering all 3 phases. 


SI&A – 5: Execute a targeted global marketing program to reignite international demand, covering all 3 phases. 


SI&A – 6: Tourism regional integration, covering all 3 phases. 


SI&A – 7: Review the tourism policy to provide enhanced support for growth and development, covering all 3 phases.  


Enablers: The successful implementation of the plan will in part depend on a set of enablers whose implementation is beyond the Department of Tourism and the tourism industry in general. 


You may derive more information on “Enablers” and the implementation, etc. of the recovery plan by going to the Tourism Services Recovery Plan document on our website. 


The meeting was concluded around midday. 


Kind regards, 

Sam Wenger   ( V C )   



Thank you Sam for keep in us updated in these trying times, we have to keep positive