Vredefort Dome Educational

Otter's Haunt Parys
Transport Cost
Information Material


A fee of R150 on registration will be charged for document printing and contribution towards fuel.


  • 06:00 Departure in Johannesburg and Pretoria ( As there will be 3 minibusses departing we are limited to 20 members. Pick up points will be arranged when we know more about who is attending.)
  • 08:00 Arrival at Otter's Haunt for orientation.
  • 08:30 Tour under the leadership of Graeme Addison departs 
  • Lunch for own account at Old Imperial Inn in Venterskroon
  • Arrival in Back should be by 18:00

2 Bottles of water will be supplied 

Registration and fee payment is imperative

FNBFirst National bank (FNB)
Account :Institute of Professional Tourist Guides of SA
Branch: Clearwater  251141
Acc No:  62594933684



Many tour operators and guides are curious about the Vredefort Dome but have never had the opportunity to have it explained by a qualified expert. This month you can join a full-day IPTGSA educational tour of the World Heritage Site an hour south of Johannesburg.

The event is to be led by science writer Prof Graeme Addison, a national tourist guide, trainer/assessor of guides, and member of IPTGSA , who is also a site guide for the Dome.

The tour kicks off at Graeme's rustic lodge, Otters Haunt, on the banks of the Vaal River. The unique role of the river in the Dome story will interest many as not only is the Vaal one of the oldest rivers on earth but it is also the only major river to cross an impact crater - the largest such crater, at that. An introductory presentation and map briefing explains the importance of the area scientifically and historically. The group then drives into the Dome Berg land (inner ring of the crater), stopping for short walks to see significant features of the impact. Of key importance is the link between South Africa's gold wealth and its modern history, shaped by the impact of a gigantic asteroid some two billion years ago. Controversies surrounding the Dome are highlighted.

Resources are provided for further study while arrangements for bringing tour groups to the Dome may also be discussed.

Lunch is at the picturesque Old Imperial Inn in Venterskroon. The afternoon ends at a high point from which the larger surrounding crater can be glimpsed.

Please remember we are going to walk in the bush, Hats, Suncream, comfortable closed shoes etc  

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