Tourist guide COVID19 guiding Protocols



10.2 A person managing a guided tour must -

(a) not allow a person to the tour if that person is not wearing a cloth mask, or homemade item that covers the nose and mouth or another appropriate item to cover the nose and mouth;

(b) ensure that every person involved in the tour wears a mask at all times except when eating or drinking;

(c) sanitise persons involved in the tour before they enter a tour vehicle, rail or boat;

(d) frequently sanitise guests during their tour or provide guests or persons involved in the tour with sanitisers for frequent use;

(e) ensure that during guided activities that require walking, a social distance of one and a half metres is maintained at all times amongst persons involved in the tour;

(f) ensure that the loading capacity of guided tour vehicles and other modes of public transport complies with the Directions issued by the Minister of Transport in respect of the loading capacity of public transport vehicles;

(g) ensure that the door handles, window handles, armrests, and handrails of all vehicles, rail or boat are sanitised after every load;

(h) ensure that windows on both sides of the tour vehicles, where applicable, are kept 5 Cm open on both sides;

(i) ensure that all snacks and drinks provided during the tour are pre-packed and distributed following strict hygiene and sanitising measures. Disposable bottles, containers, cups and utensils should be utilised during tours.

(j) ensure the safe handling and disposal of waste.