Letter from NDT on Professionalisation

Dear Committee

Thank you for patients and passion for what we we do , It has come down to decision time , the much awaited letter has arrive , ironically signed on 21 June 2018 , the date of our AGM but only received yesterday .

We now at least have a position from NDT and we as committee needs to make our decision based on what we have in the response from NDT . I have already been in touch with SAQA and have a meeting arranged for the week 16-20 July 2018 , ( final details to be confirmed)  

As I see it what the NDT is proposing is not allowed by the NQF ACT ,but will have to get clarity from SAQA   Professional Body department.

Please read the letter and supply your comments 

I will be placing the letter on our website but for committee eyes only so we can get feedback before we go out and make it public 

Follow this link to put your comments so we can keep record of it and all committee can see 

Please everybody reply by acknowledgement of this email so I can Make sure that you are all getting the communication 


Johan Van Biljon 
Chairman IPTGSA
[email protected]
Cell 0836551997 



Now that we have a standpoint we have an idea what NDT is going to do , I dont think they know what is involved and they have to put it into legislation I have set up meeting for 16-20 July 2018 to get clarification

Please place your comments here

What am I missing? I don't see any threat for us in the letter. NDT will have the power to select people to serve on a committee that will work alongside NDT. This could include us. We just have to play our cards right now and say that we are willing to cooperate. It could only be to our benefit. We only have to ascertain that the selection process for this committee is free and fair.
I am glad you will have a meeting with SAQA, Johan, so that I can be proven wrong if I have misread the letter.

Commenting on what Joleen have said ,It is a great step forward in that they want to make a statutory body and included it in the amendment Act ( how long it takes ?) The thing i think they dont see is that it just cant be a committee appointed working alongside them , but according to SAQA it has to be a free standing (NPO) . and looking at there research it seems the want it all centralised .

That is why I am setting up a meeting with SAQA to finalise this .

At least we have a stance taken ..... how ,when and who  is still debatable