Cape Town Roadshow

Cape roadshow attendees

The IPTGSA had its first in a series of roadshows in Cape Town held on July,5 2017 at Ramasibi Guesthouse. There were 20 people in attendance and various questions were entertained clarifying what the Institute stands for.

One of the main points that came to the fore was that the Institute is there for career path development of the tourist guide and not there to sort out problems with transport permits, illegal guiding and getting work for guides.

The IPTGSA is there to promote and guarantee the educational and professional standard of its members to agents and tour operators, local and international.

It was also clarified that the IPTGSA will not be taking over the work of the local associations, but would rather assit in  establishing more local associations to structure tourist guiding.

Fragmented as the tourist guiding industry is at present, tourist guides may join the IPTGSA and start unifying the industry based on passion and professionalism.

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to Ramasibi Guest Services for hosting us.