Minutes of AGM 2020

The Institute Of Professional Tourist Guides Of Southern Africa   ( IPTGSA)

2020 Annual General Meeting 

You are invited to attend The Institute Of Professional Tourist Guides Of Southern Africa ( IPTGSA) 2020 ( postponed due to Covid-19)on Thursday 21 January 2021 via an online Zoom meeting.

The BOARD and EXCO will be present at the venue and conduct the online Zoom meeting from 10:00 to 11:00. Please make sure that you register online so an invite code may be sent to all registered participants.


  • 09:55- Online presence for linking
  • 10:00- Welcome, Program Director (Sam Wenger)
  • 10:05- Confirming the number of registrations and attendees to meet quorum.
  • 10:10- Approval of previous minutes (Members can find documents online)
  • 10:15- Chairmans report and way forward (Johan van Biljon)
  • 10:25- Treasurers report (Ian Stevens)
  • 10:35- Outcome of online voting and presenting of the new committee.
  • 10:40- Open discussion:
    • Fee structure
    • Educationals
    • Membership growth
    • Amendment of constitution
  • 11:00 Appreciation and Closure

To register for this online Zoom AGM please follow this link ( Click here)

All members attending the AGM online or at the venue will get full Credits (6)


Opening and welcome were done on the zoom meeting by Sam Wenger to all the members online and participants in the room. As this was the first online AGM and unsure of all activities people were just asked to be brief.

It was confirmed by Ian Stevens that quorum was achieved with numbers attending and online.

Previous AGM minutes were approved.

Chairman's report 

Johan van Biljon thanked all for attending and explained that the Constitution actually does not allow for online AGM,s but as this year with Covid-19 was exceptional and that a question was asked before the online voting was completed if members agreed to the AGM been online and this way approval was accepted and used to carry on.

We all thought of alternative ways of making ends meet and HOPE that 2021 brings back what we love to do ..... Guiding.

Looking forward with an open mind and seeing the changes for what they are, it is no use brooding on the past, let us accept the chance to tackle the future, Guides for Guides.

This past year has seen a lot of growth in IPTGSA, maybe due to having more time,  and a chance to make things work.

Johan noted his disappointment with the number of people that actually took the time to vote whereas it was accessible to all via any electronic means (webpage, WhatsApp, and cellphone ) 22 out of 72 members voted.

It has been great to see members take the lead on projects and the professionalised way these projects benefitted all tourist guides and members, we all look forward to this continual participation by members.

Looking back on a disastrous 2020 we need to see the positive for IPTGSA :

  • Member increase
  • Great educationals organised by members.
  • Free Covid-19 Protocol training.
  • The new online Mentorship program ( Click here)
  • Membership fees suspended in support of a new alternate interim solution to be explained by the treasurer 
  • Resource schedule to help members with, Contracts, BBBee registration, Insurance, and accounting.


Tourist guiding is in such disarray at present with a myriad of associations, federations, and unions trying to find their space in the industry. The Institute committee has decided that IPTGSA will not compete on the public platform but keep on existing for its members. Experience is professionality, and that is the main focus.

Treasurers report 

The treasurer, Ian Stevens, confirmed that the reporting up to the end of Feb 2020 and that due to Covid-19 and the lockdown period there has been no income since, The committee also voted to suspend all membership fees during the year due to the pandemic and a survival strategy will be presented to make sure the Institute survives. It was noted that the Institute mainly survived from a non-interest startup loan from J.van Biljon (R140K)

Ian Stevens budgeted the following year's financial strategy and has come to the conclusion that R300 per member per year will suffice to cover the cost for the 2021/2 year. This point was put up for later debate.

IPTGSA budget

New committee 

Voting for new Board and Exco members that have a 2-year term.

  1. Nominations were called for on 11/11/2020 via an online platform open to members 
  2. Member nominations closed 15/12/2020 
  3. Online voting started on 15/01/2021 until 18/01/2021 via online forms voting system.
  4. 22 Members actually voted ( 22 out of 72 ) 30.5%. the quorum required is 10%

The following members have been elected or re-elected for a 2-year term 

Board members 

  1. Willie Du Toit
  2. Lesiba Fothane 
  3. Henry Zeiler
  4. Willem Heckroodt 

Exco members 

  1. Johan van Biljon (Chairman and sits on Board)
  2. Sam Wenger (vice Chairman)
  3. Ian Stevens (Treasurer)
  4. Piet Nel (Disciplinary Chairman)
  5. Tim Smith
  6. Tefo Legobate
  7. Heidi Lehodey
  8. JJ Pieterse
  9. Solly Cwaile
  10. Mammy Raselabe ( co-opted member)


Below are graphs of votes.

AGM vote

Anton Joubert was a late withdrawal


Open discussion 

  • It was commented that everybody understands the disastrous effect Covid-19 has had on our industry and that most guides are without employment and have started looking at different forms of income. Overwhelming support was given to return to guiding when things "normalise" It was agreed that the suspension of membership fees will be in force but all members should try to support IPTGSA with R30 per month or R360 once-off. This was unanimously supported. 
  • Johan reported that educationals are ongoing. Cape guides requested that IPTGSA support some educationals in the region. This was noted. 
  • Membership growth was discussed and noted that the industry is losing many seasoned tourist guides to other industries and retirement and that they would possibly not return. The whole idea for young people developing it as a career path is now lost to the system. It was reiterated that present members should encourage guides in their circle to join so IPTGSA would become more representative. Social media groupings were mentioned as they have many followers, Johan responded that many social media followers are just not dedicated guides and there is no definite structure supporting registered members. IPTGSA supplies dedicated support for accounting, contracts, insurance, CCMA support, and B-BBee certificate support.  The Institute will not go into competition with social media groups and will dedicate their work directly to the guide members.
  • Amendments to the constitution can only be done at the following AGM and it was requested that interested members that would like to make amendment suggestions please forward them to the committee on [email protected]. The main changes to be made are electronic voting and nominations. A committee will be set up to coordinate the suggestions and present them to the AGM 2021. 

No further comments were made and the meeting was adjourned at 11:00


Attendance Register

Event - Name: AGM 2020 - 21 Jan 2021
No Name Surname Cell No. Email AttendanceSort descending Representing Member
1 Ian Stevens 0824930042 [email protected] I will be attending. Myself Ian
2 Johan Van Biljon 0836551997 [email protected] I will be attending. IPTGSA Chairman johan
3 Samuel Wenger 082 853 8812 [email protected] I will be attending. IPTGSA Samuel.Wenger
4 Piet Nel 0824779323 [email protected] I will be attending. Sunstreak Tours PietNel
5 Nick snyman 0823339820 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   Nick Snyman
6 Kobus Barnard 0728188588 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Private Kobus
7 Heidi Lehodey 0829004802 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Guide Heidi Lehodey
8 Bogdan Pabian 0824621751 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   Bogdan Bogdan
9 Chris Van Brakel 0823552420 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Van Brakel Adventures Chris Van Brakel
10 Peter Moni +27 (0) 82 809 0038 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Firelight Tours Peter Moni
11 Tefo Legobate 083 367 4760 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp IPTGSA TOURWITHTEFO
12 Phillip Conradie 082 797 8011 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Self Phillip
13 Jaco Martins 0832885446 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Self Jaco Martins
14 Colin Christie 0827391447 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Self Colin Christie
15 Dries de Bruyn 082-653-2178 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   Dries
16 Kobus Barnard 0728188588 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Private Kobus
17 Liese Mossner-Sequeira 0827748732 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   LieseM
18 mammy Raselabe 0725216691 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   mammy
19 Gunther Vermaak 0826135638 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp G. B. Vermaak G. B. Vermaak
20 JJ Pieterse 0828822104 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   JJ Pieterse
21 Elmaré Maurin   [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp   E Maurin
22 Anton Joubert 0824514962 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp Self Anton Joubert
23 Lesiba Fothane 0783244556 [email protected] I will join via Skype/Zoom/whatsapp IPTGSA Lesiba
24 Lucille Cremen 0726890693 [email protected] Please accept my apologies. Cresco Tours Lucille Cremen
25 Hansje Botes   [email protected] Please accept my apologies.   ADMIN2
26 Willem Heckroodt   [email protected] Please accept my apologies.   ADMIN2
27 Maggie Bester 0834450958 [email protected] Please accept my apologies.   Maggie Bester
28 Willie Du Toit 0798827574 [email protected] Please accept my apologies.   williedutoit

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