Tourist Guide Covid19 Protocols


Good morning Members 


There has been a message doing the rounds about Covid-19 Tourist Guide protocols and many questions have arisen. 

This is the stance of the IPTGSA in this matter.

  • Protocols are produced by a body to be utilised by all to standardise the industry. The TBCSA has produced a tourism protocol that has been adopted by the Industry. The Tourist Guide protocol developed is to be in addition to the main protocol, specifically detailing the protocols for tourist guiding, and we thank the tourist guides who took initiative to extend this to our industry. Protocols should be published for all to use.
  • The WhatsApp doing the rounds for a training course in this specific protocol is not a registered and accredited course and is promoted by private training companies so this makes this course not compulsory.
  • IPTGSA was consulted in the setup of the course and has given its support to the broad content of the course and protocol.
  • IPTGSA is in the process of  negotiating the course to be part of the Institutes CPD educationals and members will get CPD credits for completing the course (feedback in due course)



Johan Van Biljon
Chairman IPTGSA