Online Accounting


It has come to the fore during the COVID 19 pandemic that many tourist guides do not have adequate financial accounting records, as most tourist guides operate under their own names and depend on operators that employ the tourist guide for payment and taxes. This pointed out the shortcomings in the industry, in that many tourist guides cannot supply proof of income and coherent financial statements. As IPTGSA is a member-based professional organisation run by guides for guides, it was decided that in conjunction with the IPTGSA treasury, a member benefit will be developed to help members get an online accounting system established. This will give the individual a proper facility to issue and track invoices for payment and expenses that will ease the tax burden on members.

How will this work  

  • A member that would like to utilise this opportunity would contact our treasures department. 
  • A once-off payment of R1500 is made to IPTGSA.
  • Information required will be sourced from the member information and additional info requested by email.
  • IPTGSA treasury will then set up an independent online accounting system customised for the individual. 
  • Appropriate items with industry and suggested rates will be populated to the accounting system.
  • The member will be contacted and explained how the system works. 
  • Educationals will be set up to give training to members if required.
  • Once a  member is set, the IPTGSA treasury will withdraw and the member will have an independent accounting system. 

What does the system offer 

  • Customisable to the individual with logos and personal contact details 
  • Produce quotes/estimates. 
  • Present a rate sheet specific to the individual.
  • Produce and track invoices for payment.
  • Keep track of expenses.
  • Reconcile with your bank account'. 
  • Access may be given to your Accountant to set up your annual tax. 
  • Dashboard to show individual financial status.



In identifying a need within our member community and the fast-changing technology, the IPTGSA identified a gap in the tourist guide industry and this positive member benefit will help members to portray a professional image to the industry.

Attached is a document with screen prints on what the online facility is all about.